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Pastel Sustainable Revolution sticker pack by Plant Magic. (Clockwise from top left) blue scythe above green grass reads "Death to Lawns", pastel card reads "Sustainable Dang Revolution" in lavender & green on a banner surrounded by yellow stars, lavender and blue spade reads "plant food and prosper", yellow banana peel reads "compost the rich" in lavender.

Sustainable Revolution Sticker Pack

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Are you so mad at wealthy corporations polluting everything and people's obsession with lawns destroying our waterways?  Do you wish it was more socially acceptable to grow food and share THAT kind of wealth?  If you answered yes, then this 3 pack of Sustainable Revolution stickers are for you.  We recommend sticking on car bumpers, bikes, water bottles, and binders.  Brought to you by Plant Magic.

RIP At end of life, stickers & backing are landfill bound.  Cellophane sleeve is compostable, backing card is recyclable.

Article here about why we prefer composting the rich to eating them (besides the fact that we're vegan) & a pin to spread the good word, both by our friend Polly Barks.