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Michael Gomez

Michael, Co-owner of Coyote Supply Co. He's wearing a black beanie, a jade nose stud, & a black tee shirt with a trout on it and a quote from local water protector Norman Harry that reads "What is good for the fish, is good for the people." He's looking at the camera and smiling.

Michael Gomez, Co-Owner


He's also our entire "IT Department", our TikTok account manager, Resident Taurus Snack Queen™, & the best cat dad ever to Björn. Michael prefers to keep a lower profile, so here's some of your FAQs & the info we could get out of him.

BIG 3? Taurus sun, Libra rising, Capricorn moon.

ARE YOU A WITCH TOO? I guess naturally, yeah. I'm Mexica & German, so earth based practices make the most sense to me.

WHAT MUSIC WOULD YOU PLAY IF YOU HAD CONTROL OF THE PLAYLIST? Stoner doom metal, even though I don't smoke anymore *laughs*

WHY ARE YOU SO COOL? *laughs, but doesn't answer* (Brianna here, it's the hair, the hair makes him cool)

FAVE THINGS WE CARRY: Like everything dude. (Brianna again, things he actually uses: Everything LightHaus, a green Dirt Don't Hurt toothbrushthe Rainbow Vision lined notebooks, & Sea Witch Botanicals White Lodge scented veil)