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Ray Frost

Ray with a big smile, short curly hair, black & yellow glasses, bright blue eyes, & hot pink eyeshadow. They are wearing their "battle jacket" a black denim jacket they've customized with indie patches, buttons, studs, and visible mending. A grey unzipped hoodie & a red tee shirt peak out from under their jacket.

Ray Frost, Screen Printer


Ray screen prints Brianna's designs onto original Coyote Supply Co merchandise for us. Ray spends most of their time managing their own business Zeppy Stardust Studios, creating new issues of their zine "How Did This Happen???", teaching youth art workshops at local non-profits, & screen printing merch for other local Reno businesses.

BIG 3?: Taurus sun, Virgo rising, Aquarius moon.

ARE YOU A WITCH TOO? Um, I mean yes. Aren't witches people who exist in liminal spaces? So, yeah.

DESCRIBE SOME OF YOUR MAGICAL PRACTICES: I think of screen printing as magic because it creates something from nothing. I like the alchemy of making an idea in my mind tangible. I'm also really connected with animals, especially cats, like my familiar Zeppy.

CURRENT FAVORITES AT THE STORE: Sea Witch Botanicals incense especially Quoth the Raven & Hermitage; all the zines, it's so cool to see indie zines in a store; Coconut Milk Raaka Chocolate; cool buttons made by some cool people *laughs when Brianna points out they made most of the buttons*