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Glass jar with gold lid containing a white candle by Anecdote Candles features a light pink label  and reads "2022 smells like high hopes and low expectations. citron & jasmine" in blue serif letters available at Coyote Supply Co, a zero waste witch store in Midtown Reno, Nevada that is BIPOC owned

2022 Candle

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2022 / Smells like high hopes & low expectations. / Citron & Jasmine.  Per the jar: "What are you dreaming of?  Renewed passports, awkward reunions, & in person meetings are all on the docket for 2022.  Opening notes of orange, citron, and bergamot zest signify your infinite potential, while a musky base of white cedar, lemon blossom, and mandarin leaf ground you in reality."

All of Anecdote Candles are hand-poured in California and made with all-natural ingredients with no additives, dyes, or preservatives. Anecdote Candles proprietary coconut-soy wax blend, cotton core wicks, and premium phthalate-free fragrance oils create a clean burn and powerful scent throw.  Glass jar measures 2.6" x 3.75".  40-50 hours of burn time.

RIP At end of life glass jar can be reused or recycled.  Wick holder & stickers are landfill bound.