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Amber glass bottle with black dropper top & a white label reads "Abracadabra! Concentrate"

Abra Cadabra! All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

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A cleaning spell for all your surfaces. Clean house to connect with your best self. Enhances your connection to the highest vibes for magical, mindful, multi-purpose cleaning. This all-purpose cleaner has a citrus scent to uplift your energy and spirits! It’s antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. Made with highest quality Frankincense oil available—it’s super high vibe and protective. Plus, a bit of apophyllite essence helps connect us to our higher selves.  Just add water & this 4 oz glass bottle will refill a 16 ounce spray bottle 3 times!  Made by the LightHaus coven who donate 7% of sales to Dig Deep.

Magic Words: A clean house will help me connect with all that is in my highest and best.

Ingredients: plant-based surfactant, hydrogen peroxide, vodka, therapeutic grade frankincense and citrus oils, essence of apophyllite, distilled water.

RIP  Ingredients are watershed safe, glass bottle & dropper are recyclable, rubber top is landfill bound.