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Round teakwood and agave brush.

Dish Brush: Replacement Head

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This teakwood and agave dish brush head can be used to replace the worn out head on our dish brushes or it can be used as is for scrubbing pots, veggies, tubs, etc.  Each dish brush head should last 1-6 months with proper care, depending on frequency of use.  Each one is 2.5" wide, base will fit handles with a 1.75" loop.

Care & Use:  swipe on your favorite soap, then get to scrubbing.  Rinse after use, allow to dry out in between uses.  White teakwood is naturally antimicrobial but these will still benefit from an occasional dip in white vinegar to sanitize.

RIP at end of life brush head is fully compostable (teakwood will take awhile to break down).