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Watercolor cotton eye pillow with dreamy sunset colors.

Eye Pillow: Watercolor

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Did you know that if you can see the outline of your hand at night in your room, it's not dark enough for your body to release melatonin? We live in a time when screens, electricity and artificial light abound, and this is extremely confusing to our bodies- which until recent generations, have taken all their cues from the light of the sun and darkness of night.

It's important that we create rituals around rest and sleeping, like putting the screens away well before bedtime, and making a nest in our room that allows our bodies to enter deep dreamtime. Sleep masks and eye pillows are helpful in creating total darkness for our eyes, and Boss Witch Brianna also uses one when her migraines flare up.  These watercolor cotton eye pillows are hand sewn in Nevada City, California by the zero waste witches at Holy Sponge.

INGREDIENTS:  flax seeds, buckwheat hulls, roses, damiana, cotton.

Can be frozen for extra pain relief, but do not heat.

RIP at end of life, pillow and contents can be composted.