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Cover of zine Herbal First Aid by Raleigh Briggs.  Cover features an illustration of an arnica plant with an orange blossom and green leaves, a hand written in orange, and a cream colored background.
Detail of Herbal First Aid by Raleigh Briggs featuring handwritten text in dark green ink on cream colored paper.  Text says:  "The How-to's, Making tinctures."

Herbal First Aid

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Herbal First Aid by Raleigh Briggs is a 12 page zine that covers healing cuts and scrapes, burns, rashes, sunburns, building a first aid kit, gut problems, aches & pains, bugs, bruises, bleeding, parasites with plant allies.  The zine also features illustrations by Giovanni Caputo and a list of recommended further reading resources.

RIP  At the end of this product's life the entire zine can be recycled or composted.  Front cover is printed with colored ink, so please do not compost  this portion via vermicomposting/vermiculture.