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Black and white cover of How to Feel Better by School of Life Design.  Cover is white and features an abstract drawing of an island and a typed out title.
Black and white detail from How to Feel Better by School of Life Design.  Detail is the first exercise titled:  The Less Fucks You Give, the Happier You Live.
Black and white detail of a "Things to Not Give a Fuck About" checklist from How to Feel Better by School of Life Design.

How to Feel Better

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How to Feel Better is a 20 page workbook by School of Life Design that takes you through a week of mood altering exercises.  Five of the exercises in this workbook help you find better-feeling thoughts: “Wouldn’t it be nice?”, “Positive Aspects”, “Self-doubt Alchemy”, “Two Wings to Fly”, and “Funny Haha”.  The exercises “The Less Fucks You Give...” and “Silent Counting” can help you access that blissful, thought-free space called the now.  These exercises can also be found in the Monthly Manifestation Manual, so think of this workbook an introductory sub-section.

RIP  At the end of this product's life the entire workbook can be recycled or composted.