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Kraft paper box with pink accents features a drawing of a hummingbird in mid flight drinking from big blossoms

Hummingbird Incense (Limited Edition)

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Hummingbird all natural incense is Sea Witch Botanicals' most sumptuously floral offering yet!  Luxurious Ylang Ylang and a sweet medley of citrus dance together in a breeze of uplifting garden peppermint as this incense diffuses through the air.  Inspired by the unbound spirit of the bird itself, Hummingbird natural bamboo incense evokes the heady magic of springtime flirtations, sidelong summer sun through flowering trees, and dappled shade over buzzing gardens.  Burn a stick of Hummingbird when you need to savor the sweet nectar of life.  Each 10.5" x 2" box contains 25 sticks.  $1 from each box goes to Conservation Northwest in support of their ongoing efforts to protect & restore wildlife in the Pacific Northwest where Sea Witch Botanicals hails from.

Magical Associations:  Air / West / Crown Chakra / The Fool (Tarot) / 𐌔 - Sowilo (Rune), Gemini/Aquarius/Libra

Ingredients: Essential Oil Blend, Charcoal, Natural Resins, Bamboo Stick, Ethically Sourced Mica.  Each stick is hand-painted with natural clay-based paint.

RIP Ashes & bamboo stick are compostable, paper box is recyclable or compostable.