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Three white buttons by Zeppy Stardust Studios. Each one features a coyote skull with a crow skull in its jaws. The skulls are surrounded by crystals available at Coyote Supply Co, a zero waste witch store in Midtown Reno, Nevada that is BIPOC owned

Pick Your Poison Button

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These Pick Your Poison buttons were made by local witch Ray Frost, of Zeppy Stardust Studios.  Listing is for one 1.25" pin back button, please pick your poison...errr crystal...from the drop down menu.

Amethyst:  (purple) protective & healing, helps with psychic awareness/sobriety/anxiety/nightmares.  Boss Witch likes to keep some on their desk & nightstand.

Rose Quartz: (pink)  healing & soothing, helps with love/hope/positivity & healing emotional trauma.  Boss Witch often recommends rose quartz to friends who struggling to be kind to themselves.

Garnet: (burgundy)  grounding & energizing, used to attract love/wealth & recall memories.  Boss Witch has some in their engagement ring, which seems very sneaky of Michael.

RIP  Metal components can be recycled, paper art portion can be composted, and plastic topper is landfill bound.