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White soy wax candle with wood wick in clear glass jar topped with tumbled quartz chips, lavender buds, & gold shimmer powder.
White soy wax candle in clear glass jar with black lid features a white paper label that reads "Protect your energy" in black cursive.

Protect Your Energy Candle

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"Stand in your own energy" by calling your energy back to you & releasing that which no longer serves you.  These lavender & sage scented soy wax candles are hand poured here in Reno, Nevada by Think Cozy Studio.  Wood wicks will crackle like a mini bonfire as the light bounces off of the tumbled clear quartz chips & shimmer dust sprinkled on top.  7.5 ounce candle in glass jar measures 2.6" x 3.75", 40-50 hours of burn time.

RIP  At end of life glass jar can be reused or recycled, crystals can be used in further spell work, leftover wax/botanicals/shimmer can be made into a wax sachet.