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Clear glass jar with black lid contains large chunks of pink Himalayan salt & dried flowers.  Faux suede cord around lid has a white paper hang tag and a clear quartz point dangle.
View of open clear glass jar reveals dried calendula blossoms, dried orange, and large chunks of pink Himalayan salt crystals.

Restore Bath Soak

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Restore Bath Soak by Mount Rose Alchemy brings together a magical blend of large Himalayan pink salt crystals, nourishing herbs, citrus and essential oils, all carefully curated to support a nourishing and restorative bath.  12 oz glass jar.

How to use:  Add a pinch of herbs and 1-2 salt crystals to warm bath to relax and restore.  Bath crystals can be stored in jar and used in multiple baths.

Ingredients:  Himalayan pink salt crystals, Organic Calendula, Organic Lavender, Organic Orange, essential oils of jasmine, neroli, white lotus, rose, and vetiver.

RIP  Glass jar can be reused or recycled, quartz crystal can be kept for spell work, hang tag is compostable or recyclable, faux suede is landfill bound, leftover herbs can be composted.

IN RENO?  Containers from this product that are in usable condition can be returned to Coyote Supply Co for $1 off any Mount Rose Alchemy Product.