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Smoke bundle of wild harvested evergreens wrapped with white cotton thread.

Smoke Bundle: Kit Kit Dizzi & Wildflower Mix I

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Herbal smoke has been used for centuries by cultures all over the world to send prayers to spirit, cleanse the air, ward off infection and illness, and connect to the natural world.  You can use this bundle in the same way, or create your own ritual through burning the bundle or simply placing it on an altar or special place in your home.  Each bundle is harvested primarily from downed branches or using ethical wild harvesting practices from what is available seasonally in honoring mother earth's cycles.  Made by local witch Mary McCallum of Radiant Heart Herbals.  Each bundle comes with a small print out of the plant allies used & their properties.

RIP  At end of life, ashes or plant allies and cotton thread can be returned to the earth via composting.