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3 green bundles of ponderosa pine needles, mugwort, rosemary with purple blooms, & dried wildflowers tied with white cotton string.

Smoke Bundle Mini: Ponderosa, Mugwort, & Rosemary

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These smoke bundles are wildcrafted by Reno herbalist Mary McCallum from Sierra Wellness (formerly Radiant Heart Herbals) as part of their reclaiming and decolonizing practices.

From Mary: "Herbal smoke has been used for centuries by cultures all over the world to send prayers to spirit, cleanse the air, ward off infection & illness, and connect to the natural world.  You can use this bundle in the same way, or create your own ritual through burning the bundle or simply placing it on an altar or special place in your home.  I hope you relish in this hand harvested bundle from the High Sierras.  Each bundle is harvested primarily from downed branches or using ethical wild harvesting practices from what is available seasonally in honoring mother earth's cycles.  Nature reflects back to us that things are always changing.  These bundles are reflective of what is thriving and available in each season in the Sierras to support that notion."

Listing is for one randomly selected smoke bundle of ponderosa pine, mugwort, rosemary, & dried wildflowers.  Bundles are about 7" long by 1" wide & were photographed fresh, so the colors may vary as they dry out for burning.

RIP at end of life ashes & bundle are fully compostable.