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Blue glass bottle with spray top containing uplift botanical spray by Mount Rose Alchemy available at Coyote Supply Co, a zero waste witch store in Midtown Reno, Nevada that is BIPOC owned

Uplift Botanical Spray

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Our friend, the local witch Sarah Jane Smith of Mount Rose Alchemy crafts these magical botanical sprays in her garage studio.  Spritz them wherever you need to boost the energy:  your hair, linens, the air, your pillow, whatever. 

 Sarah Jane of Mount Rose Alchemy created this spray to uplift her own spirit during the heaviness of 2020, taking inspiration from the resilient high desert wild flowers that bloom year after year.  Fun fact:  our baby cat Magic loved lilacs and we would use this spray to clear and cleanse the energy off her cat tree weekly.  Featuring filtered spring water, wildcrafted violet essence in citrus alcohol, lilac oil, witch hazel, and citrine.

RIP  At end of life glass bottle can be reused or recycled, crystal can be kept for spell work, and spray topper is landfill bound.

IN RENO?  Containers from this product that are in usable condition can be returned to Coyote Supply Co for $1 off any Mount Rose Alchemy Product.  Bulk refills coming soon for some scents.