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Brass plated wick trimmers on wood background.
White box with photo of brass wick trimmers.

Wick Trimmer

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Candle flame getting out of control?  Wick getting buried?  Wick falling over & cracking your jar?  Use this trimmer to up your flame game and cut your wick to the proper ¼” wick length before lighting to maximize the burn time of your candle.  Brass plated trimmers measure 7" long, by Anecdote Candles.

How to Use:  Place the bottom the wick trimmer flush with the surface of the candle and then tilt the trimmer forward to a 45 degree angle to get the proper ¼” wick length.  Compost wick trimmings & wipe down the trimmers after every use.

RIP at end of life, please recycle with scrap metal.