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Brianna Punsalang

A gender fluid queer AF mixed Filipino & Irish human with shoulder length wavy dark brown hair & brown eyes smiling, they're wearing a chunky knit black cardigan & sterling silver ling-ling-o earrings by @annsistars

Brianna Punsalang, Co-Owner

(bree-ON-uh poon-ZUH-lawn) they/he/she

Brianna is currently the human behind @coyotesupplyco on Instagram & all the merchandising & visual elements of the store (translation: they find the treasures & they make the treasures look pretty so you can discover the treasures).  Here are some of Brianna's FAQ and answers:

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WITCH? I was raised Pagan by my Irish-American mother & I've been actively practicing witchcraft for over 26 years. (I'll be 36 in February for those of you trying to do the math)

BIG 3? Pisces sun, Capricorn rising, Libra moon.

WHAT KIND OF WITCH ARE YOU? I don't believe in binaries so if you're asking if I'm a good witch or a bad witch, or if I practice black magic v white magic...those ideas are rooted in colonialism & we don't do that here *stares in Iloko Grandma* I'm a zero waste witch, which is why you haven't seen me shopping around much in the local magical scene, I rarely purchase supplies because I've been practicing so long that I've had everything I need since high school. When I do need something, it's usually an herb a friend grows or from a bulk bin at the co-op. My practice is rooted in Celtic, Appalachian, Chinese, Ilocano, & Kapampangan folk magic observed from my family & explained through books. When you start studying, you realize that literally everyone practices magic, they just don't know that they're doing it; which is why we also don't believe in baby witches here.

WHAT DO I USE FROM THE STORE: I use Sea Witch Botanicals Quoth the Raven solid perfume, Motherland Essentials multi-use oil, a Dirt Don't Hurt toothbrush, all the LightHaus cleaning products, & a planner from the Rainbow Vision DAILY. I'm looking forward to running out of my floss stash in 2022 so that I can start using the R Planet floss we carry because I've heard it's amazing. As you can see, I'm very exciting