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Brianna Punsalang

A gender fluid queer AF mixed Filipino & Irish human with shoulder length wavy dark brown hair & brown eyes smiling, they're wearing a chunky knit black cardigan & sterling silver ling-ling-o earrings by @annsistars

Brianna Punsalang, Co-Owner

(bree-ON-uh poon-ZUH-lawn) they/them

Brianna is currently the human behind @coyotesupplyco on Instagram & all the merchandising & visual elements of the store (translation: they find the treasures & they make the treasures look pretty so you can discover the treasures).  Here are some of Brianna's FAQ and answers:

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WITCH? I was raised Pagan by my Irish-American mother & I've been actively practicing witchcraft for almost 3 decades. (I'll be 37 in February 2023 for those of you trying to do the math)

BIG 3? Pisces sun, Capricorn rising, Libra moon.

WHAT KIND OF WITCH ARE YOU? I don't believe in binaries so if you're asking if I'm a good witch or a bad witch, or if I practice black magic v white magic...those ideas are rooted in colonialism & we don't do that here *stares in Iloko Grandma* I'm a zero waste witch, which is why you haven't seen me shopping around much in the local magical scene, I rarely purchase supplies because I've been practicing so long that I've had everything I need since high school. When I do need something, it's usually an herb a friend grows or from a bulk bin at the co-op. My practice is rooted in Celtic, Appalachian, Chinese, Ilocano, & Kapampangan folk magic observed from my family & explained through books. When you start studying, you realize that literally everyone practices magic, they just don't know that they're doing it; which is why we also don't believe in baby witches here.

WHAT DO I USE FROM THE STORE:  shop my favorites here.