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General FAQs

How zero waste are you?  The store hardly makes any trash & we are committed to decreasing the store's trash output as we have the budget to.  Currently the store's trash consists mainly of label backings & tape we've peeled off of boxes that we've received.

But how zero waste are you?  As a couple, we are currently making more trash than usual due to statewide Covid-19 regulations that limit reusables, access to bulk bins, and dine-in orders.  Since we're extremely low on time and lacking access to a conventional kitchen at home, we rely heavily on dining out.  When we had more time and a kitchen in 2016-2017, we made less than one grocery bag of trash every three months between us and our cat.

Are you hiring?  Thank you so much for loving us enough to want to work with us!  We are a teeny-tiny company that doesn't have the budget for payroll yet.  No really, we've both been working for free this whole time.  When we do start hiring, we will post on our Instagram.

Are you really witches?  Yes, Brianna is a witch & Michael prefers the term brujo.

Are you a coven?  We use #coyotecoven on social media to refer to our customer base collectively, but we are not technically a coven.  We are hoping to relaunch our Monthly Dark Moon Circles once the pandemic has passed.

What's in the room that says "House Witches Only Please?"  That's our office, our break room, our production room, our storage room, and our online inventory.  Due to Covid-19 regulations, we can't give you a tour or let you hang out like we used to.