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The Store


Coyote Supply Co was founded in July 2019 by former zero waste bloggers, Brianna Punsalang & Michael Gomez, with the intention of creating a safe space for their fellow BIPOC LGBTQIA+ witches & allies to shop sustainably.


We carry ethically sourced ritual tools, personal care products, cleaning supplies, stationery, and home décor.  All our magical offerings are vegan, gluten-free, palm-oil free, & sourced with as little packaging as possible.  The majority of our makers and small business partners are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, witches, or all of the above; with half of our shelves currently stocked by fellow BIPOC owned brands.


We divert or prevent most of the store's operational landfill waste by shipping 100% plastic-free, offering excess packaging materials to other local small businesses, providing our team with vintage mugs & water from Blue Dot Water, cleaning with reusables & Lighthaus Cleaning Concentrates, refilling our hand sanitizer stations with Ferino Distillery's Sanitizer, and composting with Down to Earth Composting.  Most of our office & display fixtures are thrifted, as are our display bowls.  Our beautiful cash wrap desk was custom made by Dane of Haman Home Repairs using mainly recycled materials.


We require that all non BIPOC makers or brands that we carry do regular and continued anti-racism work.  We also have a strict policy against carrying makers/brands engaging in toxic behavior such as bullying or intimidation (lawsuit happy zero waste brands BEGONE).  We also fundraise quarterly for a mutual aid fund or non-profit organization.

September 2021-December 2021 recipients were our beloved makers Vedder, Hek, & Angelo of FirmeArte.  Donate directly here.

January 2022-March 2022 recipients were the Wild West Access Fund of Nevada.  Donate directly here.

April 2022-June 2022 recipients were Native Voter's Alliance Nevada.  Donate directly here.

July 2022-September 2022 recipients are the Wild West Abortion Access Fund of Nevada again, please see above for more info.  Concerned about the legalities of donating to abortion funds?  Donations are protected under the 1st Amendment, see here.


Tell people we exist!  Leave us a review on Google.  Follow us on Instagram &/or TikTok, interact with & share our content.  Light candles for us on your altar.  Send us good vibes.  Donate to our GoFundMe Campaign so that we can also offer the #CoyoteCoven free Terracycle recycling for the plastic pumps, droppers, and sugar scrub jars we currently carry & upgrade some of our operations for long term success.  (Update, our Terracycle program has launched!)