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Freyja Francis

She's wearing a white button down shirt with a black pentagram harness peeking through. Her curly brown & pink hair is gathered into 2 space buns & she's also wearing pink mushroom earrings, a gold necklace that says "Dyke" Kaylee is looking at the camera so that you can see that her glasses are pink heart frames, & that she's wearing hot pink lipstick, pink shimmer eyeshadow, & black winged eyeliner.

Freyja Francis, Special Events Sales Witch


Freyja can be found serving up witchy realness & twirling around at our pop up events & during busy times at the store. Freyja helps keep things neat & tidy & chats with visiting witches when Brianna is overwhelmed & on their phone. When she's not here she's working at a local non-profit, making the world safer for our fellow LGBTQIA+ babes. Here's some more about her:

BIG 3: Pisces sun, Libra rising, Sagittarius moon

ARE YOU A WITCH TOO? Yeah, I guess so!

WHAT KIND OF WITCH ARE YOU? I'm a folk magic witch. Pre-Christianity, magic was a daily practice. I'm into mixing my spirituality with the mundane: glamour magic, kitchen witchery like cooking as community care, and sewing protection magic into my mending projects. Freyja & Baba Yaga energy.

HOW TO SUMMON ME: mushrooms, floral smells, bright colors, bells, teeth.

CURRENT STORE FAVES: Sea Witch Botanicals Fae Ring solid perfume; pink Dirt Don't Hurt toothbrush, I love the softness (Kaylee is from a family of dentists); the gumball tarot machine; Raaka Chocolate Green Tea Crunch bars.