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White book by Erica Feldmann of HausWitch  features a colorful photo of a living room and reads "HausMagick" in black block letters available at Coyote Supply Co, a zero waste witch store in Midtown Reno, Nevada that is BIPOC owned
Table of contents featuring black text on white pages; photo of a colorful living room on the facing page.

HausMagick: Transform Your Home with Witchcraft

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Written by HausWitch owner Erica Feldmann, HausMagick is a guide to transforming your home into the magical haus of your dreams!

Use witchcraft to fill your home with beauty and positive energy with this magical guidebook. Organized by 6 fundamental elements—Manifestation, Clearing, Protection, Comfort, Harmony, and BalanceHausMagick includes herbal recipes for clearing sprays and bath salts, folklore-inspired decorating tips, an overview of tarot, advice on crystals, ancient home healing spells and meditations, and more. Transform any space into a sacred sanctuary using the principles of the HausWitch brand, which brings together earth magic, meditation, herbalism, tarot, astrology, feminist spirituality, and interior decoration.

RIP  Please donate to your local little free library or pass on to a friend when done.