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Black sugar scrub in plastic jar with black and white label.
Black sugar scrub topped with rosemary.

Spell Scrub: Fuck Outta Here

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"This vibrational purge face and body scrub is crafted with a blend of traditional elements & ingredients that have been used for centuries in indigenous folk magic when performing a limpia or ritualistic cleanse of the spirit.  This formula by Firme Arte is infused with detoxifying green clay, lemon peel and activated charcoal to remove both physical and vibrational dirt.  In magic we often see sugar being used as an additive in spell work to sweeten the energetic output of the magical work we are doing.  Sugar creates an energetic field that welcomes in desired energies, making the environment or spell work 'sweet' and more enticing for the vibrations you wish to call upon.   ounce BPA free plastic* jar."  *Brianna is a clumsy witch who has dropped many many many glass containers in the shower, so trust us when we say this is for the best.

RIP At end of life BPA free plastic jar can be reused or recycled, botanical bits can be composted.