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(clockwise from bottom left)  Black velvet drawstring pouch with a paper hang tag featuring a portrait of the artist, Ashley, a black woman with dark shoulder length hair.  8 black paper cards are scattered above the deck, randomly, each card features a drawing & a phrase.  The drawings are of a variety of humans, all different skin tones & gender presentations, all have sprouts growing from the tops of their heads.  Sold by zero waste witch store Coyote Supply Co in Reno, Nevada.

Affirmation Deck

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When we saw these Affirmation Cards by Ashley Evolving on Instagram, we knew we needed them in our store.  The neutral color pallet, the minimalist design, the inclusive skin tones, the velvet pouch *swoon*  Each deck comes with 25 cards, including one "wild card" for you to intuitively fill in the blank each time, & a black velvet drawstring storage pouch.  Cards are standard playing card size: just under 3.5" tall by 2.25" wide, pouch is 4" wide by 5.5" tall.

RIP  At end of life cards can be recycled or composted, pouch & ribbon can be recycled wherever textile recycling is available, inner shrink wrap is landfill bound.