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Chime Spell Candles: Beeswax

Chime Spell Candles: Beeswax

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We've been getting asked about chime candles since we launched the store in 2019 so here they are! Intuitively pick the colors that call to you, pick colors based on your intention & your culture's color correspondences, or pick colors based on our Boss Witch Brianna's little list here:

WHITE-universal, treat like clear quartz & set your intentions

YELLOW-success, power

ORANGE-road opening, changes

PINK-love, romance

RED-passion, protection

PURPLE-intuition, divination

BLUE-healing, peace

GREEN-abundance, growth

BROWN-justice, grounding

BLACK-uncrossing, banishing

Listing is for one 4" chime candle, make your selections from the drop down menu below.  Candles that are rustic looking are by Needfire Candle Co, hold match or lighter at top of candle to expose & light wick.  Candles with visible wicks are by Shadow Lights Candles.

RIP save wax scraps to condition thread for needle crafts, or save scraps to melt down to DIY more candles or wax melts.