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Red soy wax spell candle in a clear glass jar with a black lid.  Black & white label reads "Como La Flor, lovely lover come to me, sweetness, amor, attraction, love" & features art of 3 roses & an anatomically correct heart.  Made by Firme Arte & sold by zero waste witch store Coyote Supply Co in Reno, Nevada.
Red soy wax candle dressed with rose petals, poppy seeds, rosemary, & glitter.  Made by Firme Arte & sold by zero waste witch store Coyote Supply Co in Reno, Nevada.

Como La Flor Candle

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"These mano made 100% unscented soy wax crystal companion candles contain real botanicals, spell oils, and minerals that correspond with a variety of mystical purposes.  Firme Arte ritually crafts each candle with a combination of color, herb, number, music, and crystal magic to craft each one with love and real magical intent.  Crafted with a blend of herbs and a real universal crystal point to draw in the energies of love.  Use when needing to attract things in your life.  Can be used to attract a lover, or the things you deeply desire.  Remember Love magic isn’t defined only by romantic love but can be translated into self love, the love for life, a situation or even to draw in the love of a family unit.  Inspired by the song Como La Flor by Selena Quintanilla  Each 8 ounce candle is infused with a small crystal companion that can be carefully removed after your candle has burned down and used as a totem to represent the spell work you have completed."  Reusable glass jar is decorated with art work & an incantation by FirmeArte.

RIP At end of life glass jar can be reused or recycled, crystal can be used in further spell work, leftover wax/botanicals/any of the 85% biodegradable glitter can be made into a wax sachet.