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Light purple book by Nicole Pivirotto. Reads "color, form, and magic" in holographic silver  block letters and features a rainbow oval under the text available at Coyote Supply Co, a zero waste witch store in Midtown Reno, Nevada that is BIPOC owned
Table of contents for Color, Form, and Magic by Nicole Pivirotto. White text on a blue to pink gradient page.
Two page spread from Color, Form, and Magic by Nicole Pivirotto. Left page features colorful candles and an alter on a mint green background. Right page reads "Spell Craft" in white block letters on a mint green background.

Color, Form and Magic: Use the Power of Aesthetics for Creative and Magical Work

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Bring the magic of color and form into your everyday life. 

Color and form are powerful—and not just for creative work. When used purposefully, color and shape are tools we can use to help us manifest, attract the energy we want, and become our best selves. In this accessible guide, designer and intuitive Nicole Pivirotto breaks down properties of shapes and colors, the basics of getting started with magic, and spell ideas that use color and form, like color meditation and altar building. Whether you have an existing magic practice, want to develop one, or want to use the power of color and form in your creative work, this book is an essential companion to the magic of aesthetics. With gorgeous holographic foil on the cover and book page edges, it is also a beautiful gift for any contemporary seeker with a love of bold color and design.

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