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Light blue zine with the title in black and a drawing of a grey cat in the center, and a mint green plant in the top left corner.

Pet Friendly Plant Magic

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Does your kitten nibble your Neanthe Bella Palm?  Does your dog get into it with your Monstera deliciosa?  Do you not have any idea what those plants look like or if they're even safe for animals?  This is the zine for you!  Chock full of safety tips, toxic + non-toxic plant lists, and ways to have BOTH pets and plants in your life, Pet-Friendly Plant Magic will help your house feel harmonious in no time.  20 page zine includes recipes for zero waste witchy goodness like fertilizer tea and a plant-safe spicy no-bite spray solution for your precious leaves!  Written by Cheryl Rafuse & Illustrated by Christina Kosinski.

RIP  At the end of this product's life the entire zine can be recycled or composted.  Front cover is printed with colored ink, so please do not compost  this portion via vermicomposting/vermiculture.  Bonus points for feeding your plants the resulting compost.