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Three smoke bundles made of pine bows and herbs bound in a crisscrossing pattern with off white twine. Locally made by Sierra Roots Wellness available at Coyote Supply Co, a zero waste witch store in Midtown Reno, Nevada that is BIPOC owned

Wildcrafted Smoke Bundles

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We put out a call to the #CoyoteCoven asking if any local Indigenous witches would be willing to wildcraft smoke bundles for us; Mary McCallum of Sierra Roots Wellness happily volunteered.  From Mary: "Herbal smoke has been used for centuries by cultures all over the world to send prayers to spirit, cleanse the air, ward off infection & illness, and connect to the natural world.  You can use this bundle in the same way; or create your own ritual through burning the bundle or simply placing it on your altar or a special place in your home.  I hope you relish in this hand harvested bundle from the High Sierras.  Each bundle is harvested primarily from downed branches or using ethical wild harvesting practices from what is available seasonally in honoring Mother Earth's cycles."  Listing is for one bundle, please select your preference from the drop down menu.  Bundles are handmade from natural materials & may vary slightly in appearance from the photos.  Most are about 8" long by 2" wide.

Douglas Fir & Lichen:  (left) encourages softness & sweetness, supports a healthy heart, encourages resilience.  (lichen is harvested from downed branches only)

Ponderosa & Rabbit Brush:  (center) encourages relaxation & boundaries.

Cedar & Yarrow:  (right) grounding, connects us to the roots of the earth & our ancestors, promotes healthy boundaries. (cedar is harvested from downed branches only)

RIP At end of product life, smoke bundles are completely biodegradable & compostable.