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Spell Scrub: All Roads Open
Spell Scrub: All Roads Open

Spell Scrub: All Roads Open

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"This smoky incense & amber scented formula clears and paves the vibrational roadways for you to receive new forms of blessings & abundance. Often times our vibrational field can become clouded and blocked simply by being present in this mundane world. The daily stresses, attitudes & intentions of others often lead to spiritual blockages within ourselves without really even noticing until we find ourselves in a state of chaos, frustration and confusion when everything seems to not be working in our favor whether mundane or magical.  This is a very potent way to cleanse and clear those pathways while at the same time honoring and welcoming in the energies of abundance rooted in love, success, business and health.  4 ounce BPA free plastic* jar, crafted by Firme Arte." *Brianna is a clumsy witch who has dropped many many many glass containers in the shower, so trust us when we say this is for the best.

RIP At end of life BPA free plastic jar can be reused or recycled, botanical bits can be composted.  We'll take the empty jar & lid in store for recycling via Terracycle.  Cruise in for drop off or mail us a bunch.