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White sugar scrub in plastic jar with black & white label.
White sugar scrub topped with flower petals.

Spell Scrub: Hella Sensitive

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"This is a ritual style sugar scrub made for grounding, cleansing and clearing out stale, stagnant & negative energies that can become extremely overwhelming for sensitive / empathic babes who can be emotional sponges in this life.  Infused with a blend of botanicals that is crafted for grounding & to help keep your psychic shield up and your energy free from bloodsuckers, energy vampires & gnarly negative forces.  The sugar acts as an exfoliator for the physical body by removing dead skin and allowing room for new growth.  Salt is also used in this concoction as an energetic clearing, cleansing & protection element, perfect for a pre-ritual cleansing bath/shower.  Also crafted with a nourishing handcrafted calendula oil that honors the meat suit that we inhabit by bringing back moisture to tired skin.  4 ounce BPA free plastic* jar, crafted by FirmeArte." *Brianna is a clumsy witch who has dropped many many many glass containers in the shower, so trust us when we say this is for the best.

RIP At end of life BPA free plastic jar can be reused or recycled, botanical bits can be composted.