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Red soy wax candle in glass jar with a black and white label.
Red soy wax candle topped with confetti, herbs, glitter, and silver leaf.

Trust No Bitch Candle

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"These mano made 100% unscented soy wax crystal companion candles contain real botanicals, spell oils, and minerals that correspond with a variety of mystical purposes.  Firme Arte ritually crafts each candle with a combination of color, herb, number, music, and crystal magick to craft each one with love and real magical intent.  This candle is a powerhouse of protection elements all combined to keep your psychic shield at its strongest.  In this life we unfortunately have to deal with energetic vampires / bloodsuckers or entities that want to steal our shine & vibration, DO NOT allow these forces to interfere with your self work.  The ancient botanical allies used in this candle are traditionally used in reversal magick and can be used to send back any ill will to its original sender.   Each 8 ounce candle is infused with a small crystal companion that can be carefully removed after your candle has burned down and used as a totem to represent the spell work you have completed.  Reusable glass jar is decorated with art work and an incantation by Firme Arte."

RIP At end of life glass jar can be reused or recycled, crystal & penny can be used in further spell work, leftover wax/botanicals/any of the 85% biodegradable glitter can be made into a wax sachet.